sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2016

The best B-day party ever

Now how lame can I make the title sound? The answer is that very lame! XD

Oh and you probably noticed I also changed the language. I have international friends too and they've been asking me to write in English too but I'm too lazy to write in two languages AND I could improve my English. Really. So be prepared to read many typos and grammar mistakes since when I write a long message I'm not really into thinking every grammar rule there is. u3u

And I also changed my nickname! Jaya is fun and cool while written but then. There is like three ways people says it so I prefer Dusk/Duskminded/Dusky now on. XD Aaaand I think "dusk" defines me better since I'm pretty weird, I have awful sense of humor and I'm pretty dark person. :'D I'm such a tragicomic person, so sad that it's hilarious! Makes me laugh anytime ahaha!

But enough with the informative text! So like the title says, I had a birthday yesterday, 12th on March. It's like 123 eh? Oh you're tired to hear that joke? Well okay then. xD

After a long six hour first aid course (because I was in hurry to my b-day party! XD) I finally got into Janina and Pate's place where Safir had already arrived. Sarqq didn't make it this time which was such a pity! I really wanted to see her too but next time definitely! ^u^


Immediately I had arrived and sat down they just shoved these to me! (Sorry for the crappy IG phone photo! >A<) And to be honest I was really surprised since usually my friends doesn't do things like this (except one sweetheart but she's the different story) and... I usually all my birthday and Christmas presents are just money for my parents or something fun from sis so I was really moved. And I still am, I lost count how many times I've thank them all over the internet and IRL. XD (I'm pretty sure everybody are already tired of this and are just like shut up already! xD) These already left me speechless until Pate carried this for me:

the Ultimate Print & D

This super amazing the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess print! No fooling, I almost cried when I saw this! ;;3;; I'm still so confused and I'm still a little lost how to react this awesomeness and kindness and everything! I wanted to take photo of it with Dragos because all the cool elf eared men should be in the same picture!♥ Also to show how huge this print is! Probably gonna put this next to my bed so I can have all the Zelda dreams! xD My dreams are already pretty weird so I don't mind to have some Zelda mixed up too! All the exclamation marks oops~

Zelda presents (dusky)

(That fact that a big photo doesn't fit into my blog wall thingy thing hurts me so much! *whines in pain* But I also hate miniature photos so I have to survive...) When I got home today I got better photos of all the lovely stuff I got! Far on left is a lil Link mushroom since he has a green hat!<3 So cute lil herpaderp, he got a place next to my computer spot so I can see him anytime and be like oh yeah that was so awesome! Kiseki is hanging around there too! ♥

WW Link is exited of that A Link To The Past comic book I got from Janina and Pate. Well, I am too! I can't wait to read it! I think Link looks so adorable with that drawing style but Pate disagreed with me saying he looks so derp! XD

And of course that funny Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle Easter egg! XD I haven't opened it yet. It's just too fancy!

Sarqq drew me a card with TP Link on it! ;3; I love it so much! I got to find it a place where I can see it. (Maybe I'll even look for frames for it? We could have one if I remember correctly...) I love Sarqq's art style and my favorite Link looks great drawn by her! ♥ All the details! I have a bigger photo of it too!


Isn't it just lovely! ♥

During the night we played some Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros (my lil Toon Link is happy that his characters suits me best!), Okami (I got my friends concerned that Okami is an amazing game and after a while I can blabber about it too! xD), Safir and Janina played Final Fantasy 14 which I watched a little while getting lessons of 3D and RPG-maker from Pate. :'D After the midnight, maybe around 2am to 3am we started playing The Layers Of Fear which was awful but at the same time very interesting! We also tried to play my Triforce Heroes but since there was four of us I guess Four Swords would've fit better! :'D


Toon Link and Mushroom Link wants to read the comic already but I guess I'll go to play Twilight Princess first! Now I have this to read and also the Zelda Philosophy that arrived some time ago. Right now I just have so much stress and stuff going on so I just surf on Internet and do nothing productive! ;n; (But I made a blog post yay!) On April school and swimming eases a little bit so I can focus on art projects and other stuff more! ♥

Have a nice week everyone! ♥

~ Happy Dusky off to play some Zelda ~

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  1. Myöhästyneet synttärionnittelut! ^o^/
    Vau, niin paljon Link:iä! Jos mä oon se crazy cat lady, niin sää voisit selvästi olla the crazy Link lady XD

    Ite omistan kanssa tuon Zelda-sarjiksen :) Mulle se on tosi nostalginen tapaus. Serkulleni tuli Nintendo-lehti silloin joskus 90-luvun alussa ja muistan kuinka pienenä luin ihan fiiliksissä noita sarjiksia sieltä, kun serkkuni luovutti lehdet mulle ja pikkubroidille. Olin ihan fiiliksissä, kun tää Zelda-sarjis julkaistiin uudelleen ihan oikeina kirjana!